• how-we-started

    Pelicola first began as an internet television site in 2007, showcasing all-original self-produced video content, and partnering with Fully Booked, Rogue Magazine and Wombworks Studios to create top-tier online video experiences. Since then, Pelicola has extended its repertoire of services to bring branded content closer to audiences.

    The Team
    Noel Guevara
    Managing Director / Director

    Trish Fajardo
    Executive Producer

    Vianka Amurao
    Project Associate

  • who-we-are-now

    Get audiences closer to your brand and your message. Pelicola.tv is a digital content producer and developer specialized in engaging audiences with relevant online experiences. From online videos, mobile apps, to community centered blogs, Pelicola.tv has you, and the web, in mind.

  • our-partners

    We boast a unique brand of blogs catering to a growing and active online community. Take your content online and seed them to captured, active and vocal Pelicola.tv communities. Join the discussion and we’ll find ways on how to get your message to them.