recent work

  • Outbreak Manila – Launch Videos

    The Challenge: Generate awareness on the upcoming Outbreak Manila event through seeded online videos.
    The Solution: The production of an online teaser video, creative training video and on-site event coverage.

  • Nido – A Million Thanks, Mom

    The Challenge: Produce a Mother’s Day Tribute Video that incorporates user-submitted photos through Facebook.
    The Solution: TVCs, drive-to-site initiatives, and an Facebook application that allows users to add their own personal greeting for their Mother care of Nido.

  • Safeguard Active – Beat Coach Rio

    The Challenge: Produce a video campaign that generates hype for the launch of Safeguard Active.
    The Solution: A video showcasing Coach Rio running against an airplane, an on-site virtual installation video, and on-site event coverage.

  • Pond’s –Face-to-Face

    The Challenge: Produce an auto-generated fully-customized video that plays after a fan recommends her friends on Facebook.
    The Solution: 40-second online video plays with endorser Angelica Panganiban sending a personalized message to the recommended friends in real time.

  • Nike – Unfair Advantage

    The Challenge: Produce a series of video tutorials showing just how someone can overcome his opponent’s strengths.
    The Solution: Twelve (12) mobile videos of different on-court plays that real players can refer to right before a game or on the court. Featuring Tony Cruz and various UAAP players. Awards: The campaign won a silver Boomerang at the 2012 Digital Marketing Boomerang Awards.

  • Globe – KadaKwento

    The Challenge: Conceptualize and create video content that will drive users to visit an up & coming online property. The Solution: Five (5) episode short film series available only in the site, with features exclusive only to members. Awards: The campaign was a finalist in 2009 Araw Awards

our clients

    • Amwire
    • Bactidol
    • Fully Booked
    • Globe
    • Integra
    • JB Music
    • Johnnie Walker
    • Jollibee
    • Medicard
    • Mcdonald’s
    • Nestle
    • Nido
    • Nike
    • Nuvo.City
    • OgilvyOne
    • Pond’s
    • Resort’s World
    • Safeguard
    • Selecta
    • Southridge School for Boys
    • Whisper
    • WWF